27 February 2012

Britain leads dash to explore for oil

My notes: to may dismay, oil is found in Somalia and the British are the first to steal it. As many concerned Somalis suspected, the recent one day conference in London ''for Somalia'' led by David CAMeRAMAN( as he is a camera fo oils) has had its roots on oil.
The last time UK interested in Somali geopolitical affairs it divided the country into 5 different enclaves and laballed Mohamed Abdalla Hassan "The Mad Mullah" just because he said we don't want to be colonized.


Britain leads dash to explore for oil in war-torn Somalia


The Observer can reveal that, away from the public focus of last week's summit, talks are going on between British officials and Somali counterparts over exploiting oil reserves that have been explored in the arid north-eastern region of the country. Abdulkadir Abdi Hashi, minister for international cooperation in Puntland, north-east Somalia – where the first oil is expected to be extracted next month – said: "We have spoken to a number of UK officials, some have offered to help us with the future management of oil revenues. They will help us build our capacity to maximise future earnings from the oil industry."

British involvement in the future Somali oil industry would be a boon for the UK economy and comes at a time when the world is increasingly concerned about the actions of Iran, the second-biggest oil producer in Opec.


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