23 March 2012

Mighty Measly Muslim

He was crouching, knotting his shoestrings after Jummah. The prayer-room disgorged the Ummah who went zipping to the labours of the day. A strange shoe plopped right in front. Alhamdulillah it missed his head. Passers passed by, and he realised it needed a perch. He scolded himself for not being good, for thinking too long and inconveniencing those on the move. What the Prophet said:
A man who passed by a branch of a tree leaning over a road and decided to remove it, saying to himself, ‘By Allah! I will remove from the way of Muslims so that it would not harm them.’ On account of this he was admitted to Jannah.
The branch of a tree is mighty next to a shoe or splashes of water on wudu benches. Shall we not even remove those?

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