02 February 2012

Somali on the dinner table

Cambating terrorism. The World is gathering to help...hmmm...eat Somalia. She is on the table while its leader ( the president Sheikh Sharif) is the lead waiter.

Apparently William Hague is in Mogadishu:

UK Development Minister Andrew Mitchell who was in Somalia a few days ago first visited Mogadishu and his next stop was Garowe, the capital of semi-autonomous Somali region which recently started digging patrol. I hope there is no patrol in Somalia.


Turkey challenges Iran in Somalia

Turkey's relatively newfound interest in engaging with Somalia was triggered by a combination of different events, from the extension of humanitarian assistance during a time of great famine to the desire to establish a foothold in a strategic location so as to benefit from future trade deals.

Not only have a number of Turkish government agencies been actively working on the ground, but also a host of nongovernmental organizations in Somalia are working to bring about positive changes in what many have .....


( sometimes we need to read everything to balance our thoughts). Obviously, the Turkish could not see Somalia's plight in the past 20 years!

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aiman said...

A worthy, illuminating critique.

I hope the theft of Somalia will not be like the theft and ruin of Afghanistan by the state policies of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

The Last Prophet, peace be upon him, said that Muslims were like one body and if one body part suffers the whole body suffers.

How sad indeed that the "oily" and well-fed body parts are interested in jumping the bones or heaving their weights against those disadvantaged for the sake of "national interests" and sad, too, that only economy motivates humanity (or an excuse for humanity) and this is true for Western nations as Libya proved.