13 July 2006

Last Taboo

"The extermination of the Native Americans can be admitted, the morality of Hiroshima attacked, the national flag (of the US) publicly committed to flames. But the systematic continuity of Israel’s 52-year oppression and maltreatment of the Palestinians is virtually unmentionable, a narrative that has no permission to appear." (Edward Said)

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inachuu said...

It's pretty hard to take Said seriously when he tells us that the plight of the Palestinians is "unmentionable" - read any national or international newspaper. You just don't like the way it's covered.

Aiman said...

Hallo Inachuu,

The late professor Edward Said is actually alluding to the mainstream US media. I think it is correct, especially when you have the bipartisan support of Israel by the US government, both Republicans and Democrats. Morever, the media in the United States is mostly corporate and pro-Israel. We just have to look at the coverage in Lebanon.