17 September 2009

The Most Irrelevant Question

In my view, the most irrelevant question we ask each other is: "Where are you from?"

My friend Ibrahim and I have never asked each other that. We are different colours but one race: human. We first met in the wudu room. I really feel the love on this one. It's that calm feeling of belief. It's who you are that matters and you only get it right if you don't have any reservations about your sister marrying this guy. It's who he is that counts: a God-fearing, good-natured person. All Ramadan he has been coming one hour early, for the sake of Allah, to arrange for our food and seating. This is not to say my sister is marrying Ibrahim but I pray she'll meet such a person. These are the jewels God has strewn -- to make it easier for the rest.


Anonymous said...

Salam aleykum Aiman, Ramadan Kareem. Yes, irrelavent question.

Oneday, I was telling a sister about a conversion of a woman to Islam. The sister pressed the question on the woman's origin. I tried to ignore her, and consentrated on the woman's education and succesful career. I finally told her that she is originally from Africa. The sister sounded to had lost interest. I still wonder about it.
I do not mind people asking me where I am from. But, oneday I was walking home. A woman with a heardscarf stopped me. I told her. She walked away. I tried to speak to her, but did not want to talk to me. She spoke good English.

I thought to meself '' she must had a ''fight'' with one of ''my own''. 'One of my own''?? she is one of my own too. She is a Muslim.

This afternoon, I came face to face with a sister. She was speaking to a trafic warden. She had British accent. I smiled and said salam aleykum. She sounded angry!. I should have asked her '' where are you from?''.


aiman said...

Salaam alaikum Nimo! Eid Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem.

Very happy to hear from you! I make du'a all is well with you.

It made me sad reading about these incidents but not at all surprised because I think all Muslims are aware of this but they do not wish to talk about it. Thanks a lot for sharing.

The journey of every Muslim is special -- in fact, many people in the non-liberal world who embrace Islam face greater trials. Some Muslims love to spread rumours about the latest Hollywood celebrity embracing Islam (it mostly turns out to be untrue) -- I'm guessing these are the same people who indulge in identity politics.

We should keep walking and saying salaams. The mild will always reply and the Prophet said that God loves the mild. The angels that record our words and deeds note down our greetings.

These are the words of the Last Prophet (the only place we really belong to is Earth):

"A tribe must desist from boasting of their fore-fathers; if they will not leave off boasting, verily they will be more abominable near God, than a black beetle which rolleth forward filth by its nose; and verily God has removed from you pride and arrogance. There is no man but either a righteous Mu'min or a sinner; mankind are all the sons of Adam, and he was from Earth."

Keep in touch, Nimo.