02 November 2008

If Things Must Change...

I just read a disturbing story of a thirteen-year-old Somali girl who was raped and then -- by a form of twisted logic -- stoned to death by "Islamic militants". There is no denying that the judges were Muslims acting in the name of Islam. Once again, we must look at this news from a different angle first. Somalia has been invaded by Ethiopia at the behest of the United States. This report like all others also serves as a propaganda by Uncle Sam as it tries to incriminate the enemy. You can bet your bottom dollar that Ethiopia has been stoning teenage girls as well, but you never hear of that as it besmirchs the status quo. The establishment feels no sensitivity toward the rape victim. It is merely to garner outrage from the public.

For those who sincerely care about incidents like these (divested from politics) in Muslim countries, there is one solution. Islam has witnessed the death of the "activist scholar", those knowledgeable Muslims who championed the causes of the poor and disfranchised. Instead, a scholar now speaks what the congregation wants to hear. Muslims are now indulging in lashing out at others for their misfortunes. This has given rise to progressive groups and other groups sunk in the quagmire of tradition in response to the literalists, all of them unable to seize the spirit of classical Islam. Hence, now is a need for scholars to speak up against the thousands of cases of injustice against thirteen-year-old girls like Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow. Islam can only move forward with the participation of conscientious scholars. I even believe that if all the scholars in Iraq united and condemned the sectarian violence, Iraq would be free. Islam has been let down by effective leadership.


Anonymous said...

Salaams Aiman, good to see you kept
the Web alive single-handedly.

I read the news in Somali from
few Somali Web-pages as disturbing as it is, the content is somewhat
different from the English news.
I am trying to contact people over there and see what they have to say.

aiman said...

Salaam alaikum Nimo,

Hope you're well :). Hearing from you after a long time. May Allah keep you close to Him always.

Please let us know if you find out something different or new. Look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Salam aleykum Aiman, sorry I did not check the Web for sometime.

I made some contacts, but people were not interested to talk about it. But I read couple of articles in Somali. They addressed the issue and pointed out that it is a time for the Somali clerks stand up and be counted.
To me, it is not that I have a problem with her age(she was probably adult) but the way the penalty was delivered: the whole thing is depressing: it is not clear whether she brought herself to the ''Islamic'' Court, or was as a result of another crime.

I read that the ''sheikh '' siad that the woman whose age was estimated between 25 and 26, admitted the crime on her accord. He added that she was asked whether she was mental or had previous mental problems in which she replied no.

I want to talk to the Somali sheikh in my local mosque for him to give address it, Insha Allah.
Quite honest anyone can join in this group, theif or warlord. There are all sort of people involved in it. I was in Kismaanyo in 2006.

aiman said...

Salaam alaikum Nimo,

Sorry about my own late response. I was making a journey.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and indeed you shed great light on this news story. From your response I am able to reach two conclusions other than the glaring complexity of circumstances you underlined:

1. The justice system needs to be more transparent. Also, the clause in the Qur'an for forgiveness should be upheld.

2. Journalism should be more careful and find out more, and that includes those who do a bit of online writing like me.

So thank you. And keep safe.