04 January 2007

In the Same Boat

Recently, I joined a pen pal site. As I wanted to talk to other Muslims, I typed the appropriate keyword in the search box. Lazily skimming through it, I came across some non-Muslim names. The one that I clearly remember was of a girl who had added a note that "blacks and Muslims" needn't write to her, while another was of a Danish youth saying that Muslims shouldn't boycott Denmark's goods and that it was the government's fault which was very bad and racist (I agree with him). Anyway, I didn't feel like writing to anybody -- the mood was gone -- and I believe I even blinked my eyes twice. But I got around to writing to a Muslim profile which claimed that nobody should send her pictures because she was blind. I was curious so I wrote to her to ask who read her all the letters and may Allah bless her.

Today in the morning I received a letter in my email from "Roy" and he had written to be my friend. But what struck out were his words, haunting as they are -- a testimony to what viles plague our common sense of humanity:
I'm happy to be your friend if you don't mind being friends with an African.
With a few corrections, that's what he just about said. And immediately my mind traced back to the "no Muslims and blacks" entry. To make him smile, I replied that the question was not whether I wanted to be his friend but whether he wanted to be mine. I'm not very passionate to regulary converse with "Roy" because he wants to improve his English and this venture is bugging (as I've learned from the second letter which I received a few minutes ago), but I think I will write to him once in a while. We are in the same boat: blacks and Muslims and Arabs; and yes, Europeans and Americans, too. It's sort of like Noah's ark where all creation is delivered to the Lord's refuge.


Anonymous said...

..no doubt we are the same boat, but some of us do not want to be in the same boat with ''others'', but there is no other one. It is just one. Take it or leave it.


Mai said...

Dear Aiman,

last time you visited my blog was since a very long time, i still like your writings mashaAllah.

your article reminded me of this piece of prose that i wrote:

I might be a tiny drop In the wide life sea
But all the people are also drops like me
Without these drops there wouldn't be a sea
So, bonded together yes we all should be

aiman said...


Nimo, thanks for sharing your widom.

Mai, great prose. It has that Rumi feel to it, of the extracts I've read here and there. Yup, I'm going to visit your blog now.