13 August 2006

Don't Be Brutal, Brother!

When I read this (whence it doesn't matter), I felt my heart sink:

A Christian stone mason received critical injuries, including dislocation of his after he was seen drinking water from a public facility, by a Muslim man on June 6 (Tuesday) just outside the eastern city of Lahore, the Pakistan Christian Post (PCP) has reported.

Nasir Ashraf, the Christian mason was working at the construction site of a school. The trouble for him began while he was returning to the site. Confronting him with anger the Muslim man asked him as to why he drank water from the public facility by using a glass that was placed at the water tank.

“Why did you drink water from this glass since you are a Christian?” the PCP quoted the Muslim man as asking Nasir.

“The man accused the mason of polluting the glass and proceeded to destroy it. The Muslim man then summoned a crowd by shouting, “This Christian polluted our glass,” and encouraged them to beat him up,” the PCP report said.

“The crowd began beating Nasir, eventually pushing him off a ledge. The fall dislocated his shoulder, broke his collarbone in two places and knocked him unconscious,” it said.
Yes, we have to work for the human rights of non-Muslim minorities along with those of Muslims, and educate those who have been misguided. "Untouchability" is a racist casteism concept. Let's live together and join hands. No one is "dirty". Whether it be a Muslim, a Christian , a Jew, a Hindu -- there is only one God and one humanity. And by undermining this, we are destroying the inner universal beauty that links us. Let's drink from each other's cups more often.


The Neurocentric said...

The Prophet, peace be upon him, told us that Islam is good character. Alas few seem to recall or even know this today. I think of a convert friend of ours who has seen the brutal nature of the "Muslim Man" - a husband in two marriages, each driving the woman away. No mercy. No softness. These men would drive people away from Islam with their character - even one who came to Islam at the age of nineteen and was turned out by her family. Look at us!

Anonymous said...

Most of people think that Islam is just by words, to say that you are Muslim is not enough at all, Islam is about actions, how to act in different situations. concerninng my opinion, I believe that everyone is responsible of his actions, and we cannot judge people according to there religion or give a ganeral point of view to Islam acoording to some particular people. I want to say something I had ever in my mind, I bep people to be helpful and to take care of each other, I think that this is is the messing part in our lives, we need to cooporate to make this world a better place for all of us. thank you.

Saaleha said...

Islam, surrender to the will of Allah. Islam comes with the kalimah and Imaan with time and lots of hard work. The true path to spiritual enlightenment lies in learning to respect people simply because they are.

Aiman said...

May Allah heal the bonds of humanity within us, so we Muslims can lead others with our faith.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. May Allah bless you for the good work that you are doing. Amin