04 June 2006

The Question for Man

A mansion and pleasures
Await me
Satan has promised me
The crowd is swelling
Where I am
The laughter of the djinn
Dethrones my power
Children of Adam have chosen
Allah is with my brother
At whom I scoffed
When the earth closes in upon me
Satan flees
We will be brought to account
Unless we repent
Be gone, Satan!
Will you protect me
From the scourge?
Have you taught me to be free
Of the crackling wood?
In Allah alone I put my trust
To Allah I shall return
Allah is my Creator


Aaminah said...

Asalaamu alaikum.

MashaAllah, what a beautiful reminder.

Aiman said...

Wa'alaikum salaam,

Je zakka Allahu khairan, Aaminah.