31 May 2006

Link: Bush And Somalia

Bill Fletcher Jr begins his article, Bush and Somalia: When will they ever get it right?, in The Seattle Medium on 24 May 2006 thus:

"They are doing it again. It has been reported that the Bush administration is supporting Somali warlords in their quasi-civil war against alleged Islamist militias."
He goes on:

"…but not in reality because terrorism is not a major problem in Africa. Africa has a whole set of problems, but terrorism is not a major one. Yet the Bush administration in single-mindedly pursuing its war against terrorism has decided that Africa must be a front in that struggle. Thus, at a time when Africa needs to de-militarize, the Bush administration is helping a host of nations, with governments that are a real mixed bag, further militarize. Instead of studying the situation and determining how the U.S.A. can help, the Bush administration fits the facts to back up its already established policies."
And so, Somalia burns…


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